As a lifelong dog lover, breeder and trainer, I have always longed for a beautiful kennel building both for my own dogs and the dogs I am boarding and training for other folks.  My prayers are being answered in the form of a 24 x 48 kennel building that will be heated and air conditioned.  There will be room for grooming and bathing, spacious runs for the dogs, and suites for pampering your pooch.  Thanks to Roy and Jimmy Ambrose for their hard work and help in making this dream come true!  New photos should be posted regularly as the progress continues.  Thanks also to all the friends and family who have encouraged me in pursuing my dream.   

The kennel building is almost complete, and is beginning to look like the picture  I've had in my mind for so many years!  The runs are being installed, and I should have room for a few dogs at Christmas time if you need a home away from home for your canine family members while you travel.  Your favorite feline or exotic friend is also welcome!

I will be offering obedience training to help your favorite buddy become a well-behaved member of the family.  A few basic commands can often make the difference in having a dog that is a pleasure to be with  or having one that is a nuisance.  If you are having problems with your canine companion, I will be glad to help.

The New Kennel, A Dream Come True
​Great progress on the kennel over the last couple of weeks.  The building is under roof, and the outside runs have been poured!  I can't wait to see the kennel runs divided and full of happy canines!